Super Jeep

Winter is on of our favorit Join us for a fun super jeep adventure where we customize the day according to the weather and choose the best way to drive our modified jeeps in our beautiful Icelandic nature. Up steep hill, through deep snow or over deep rivers is something those cars were built for!

Lunch is included in all of our super jeep tours.
Small groups, 2-6 persons, when mixed. No problem if the group is bigger, then we just add in more jeeps and guides.
We offer 40% discount for children traveling with 2 adults.

Superjeep & Hotspring cooking

Travel in a super jeep over challenging Icelandic landscape and take a short hike in a beautiful hotpsring area where you will have a chance to taste an earth cooked food.
Difficulty level: 1 out of 5
Duration of trip: 3-5 hours
Price: 24,900 ISK per person

3in1 - Superjeep, Lava caving & Hotspring bathing

Combine 3 of our most popular tours into one tour where you will explore a lava cave, drive over challenging landscape on a super jeep and take a relaxing bath in a natural hot spring in the mountain.
Difficulty level: 2 out of 5
Duration of trip: 8-9 hours
Price from: 31,900 ISK per person

Northern lights deluxe

Join us for an amazing Northern light super jeep adventure where we will drive with you on a black sandy beach, hike through hot spring areas and have a 3 course earth cooked dinner served under the open sky.
Small groups, super jeep tour
Difficulty level:
1 out of 5
Duration of trip: 3-5 hours
Price: 34.600 ISK

Northern lights super jeep tour

Travel on a super jeep searching for the mystical sight of the Aurora borealis and have a cup of hot chocolate to warm you up as you enjoy the show.
Difficulty level: 1 out of 5
Duration of trip: 3-5 hours
Group size: 2- 6 persons
Price: 21.900 ISK per person

Golden circle deluxe super jeep tour - Pivate tour

In this tour we combine our golden circle tour with a visit into a lava cave, black sandy beach, dinner and the magical sight of the Northern lights if the luck is with us. This is a full day adventure on a super jeep. 
Difficulty level: 3 out of 5
Small groups: 2-6 pers
Duration of trip: 12 hours
Price: 39,000 ISK per person

Superjeep & Hike in Thorsmork – Private tour

Drive over deep rivers and challenging landscape as we work our way into Þórsmörk (the forest of Thor) which is located under the famous volcano Eyjafjallajökull glacier. The area offers amazing landscape and great hiking options
Duration of trip: 12 hours
Price 1-5 pers: 139,000 ISK total price
Price 6 pers: 160,000 ISK total price
Private tour

Customized Tours & Overnight Tour

We offer a great variety of unique day tours, overnight and multi-day tours. Contact us and we will customize a memorable and unique days for you.

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