Customized Tours & Overnight Tour

  • We are proud to be a small family operated company that offer unique tours, where we focus on offering tours off the beaten path, to our most favorite areas in Iceland. Over the past 30 years we have slowly developed all of the tours we offer today, traveling together as a family, creating tours that suits all levels of fitness, from families with young children up to professional athletes and mountain bikers.

    We offer a great variety and possibilities of customized  and personal day tours, overnight and multi-day tours. Whether you like to take a more relaxing and easy trip in the countryside, or take on a more challenging adventure, we have something for you! We will create the ultimate trip for you, customized to the group, focusing on unique and true Icelandic experience. We can travel into 5000 years old lava caves, cook full dinners or lunch in a hotpsrings, bath in multiple hotspring, mountain bike on fun single tracks with the lava under our wheels, hike with beautiful scenery and up to secret mountain peaks, snorkel with salmons, drive super jeep over challenging volcanic surroundings, easy sightseeing, jump off cliffs into cold water, bath in caves and waterfalls and allot more possibilities.

    Everything can be arranged; transport, food from start to end, accommodation and offcourse an english speaking guide. We can either plan the whole trip for you or if you like to travel part of the trip with us and then the other part on your own, then we can assist you with that as well, so you get the most out off your trip in Iceland.

    We can either focus on one thing or mix many options together so you will get to experience more varieties and more locations, we will also be able to set the phase of the tour depending on your whishes.
    • MTB Mountain biking    - option with Easy/Medium/Hard
    • Hiking     - option with Easy/Medium/Hard
    • Super jeep
    • Lava caving
    • Glaciers
    • Sight seeing
    • Kayaking
    • Surfing
    • Horseback riding
    • Zip lining
    • Snorkel with salmons
    • Jumping off cliffs into cold rivers
    • Bathing in secret hotpsrings up in the highlands of Iceland
    • Camp on remote locations with no one around
    • Use the hotsprings to cook our food, breakfast/lunch/dinner


  • Here below you can find ideas of multy day and overnight trips that you can do with us over the summer time. The tours here below are set up as a camping tours, but can be changed/modified so you stay in Hotel or guesthouses on each night and start fresh every morning. Note, we can offer you more options than is shown here below.

    Surf overnight tour 1-3 days

    Camp on a black sandy beach, surf in the North Atlantic ocean, enjoy life and eat good food. On the evenings we will bbq on the beach and surf when ever we feel like it, with 24 hours of day light!

    Contact us for more information about this tour

    Landmannalaugar Super jeep tour 1-3 days

    This tour can be set up as and Hike tour or a bike tour

    Contact us for more information about this tour

    1-4 days Overnight MTB / Hiking or Super jeep tour

    This is one of the most unique tours that is offerd in Iceland! Mountain biking or hiking on the second biggest volcanic area of Icealnd with a local guide who has been MTB and hiking on the area for over 30 years! We will use the hotspring to cook our food as well as bathing in some of them.

    Note, the tour here below is only the structure of a tour and can be changed and modified depending on if you like to bike, hike, drive on Super jeeps or combine all 3 together. The tour is operated on the south coast of Iceland and is not offered by any other company in Iceland, we have several versions on how we operate this tour depending on weather and condition as well as if we set up the tour for Advanced mountain bikers, Family mountain bikers with young mountain bikers, Hikers or by using a super jeep more in the tour.

    The tour here below is set up for average mountain bikers and it is easy change/arrange the tour, so it would work well for Pro mountain bikers, Family mountain bike trips or set up the tour as an hiking tour.

    Day 1 (10 - 35 km+, option to have a half day or a full day)

    We will start the day at our station and make sure we have all the right things for the coming days. Then we will drive up to the Hengill volcano where we will start the tour. We will bike fun and technical single tracks “bike on lava” we will be biking in a beautiful rocky environment, where we will bike on lava formations that was formed under a glacier. You will have a great view over the National park water and experience unique landscape and great bike tracks. After a good day of biking we will pass a cabin where we will sleep for the night. On the evening we will barbeque and relax after a good bike ride. The cabin is next to a cold river where we can take a bath if we like :) (the river is really cold)
    Note; We offer 2 different levels of difficulty for this day (medium or hard)

    Day 2  (approx. 25 - 35 km – full day, option with a super jeep ride if you are tired from the day before)

    We will start the day by making a good breakfast. From the cabin we will bike fun single tracks (tundra) until we come to a gravel road that will take us higher into the mountain where we will find our next single track that is located in a beautiful valley, 500 meters up on the second biggest volcanic area of Iceland. On this day we will bike on fun single tracks, gravel roads, splash over rivers and streams, downhill and uphill carrying the bikes up. As we work our way longer into the volcanic area we will start to see more and more of hot spring and ever changing landscape until we will find our super jeep that is parked in the mountain with all the camping gear and food for the night. We will set up the tents and prepare an earth cooked dinner, where we will cook our food in a hot spring while we bath in a geothermal river next to the tent and the cooking spot. After the bath we will have dinner under the open sky and enjoy the night.

    Day 3 (approx. 5 - 20 km – full day)

    Start with a good breakfast and perhaps a morning bath in the hot river to warm you up and get ready for the day. The thought for this day is to enjoy the area, take it in! and decide what you want to do depending on weather and your power level.
    • We can either stay at our camping spot and go for short walks, take baths, sleep in the moos and enjoy being alone in Icelandic nature.
    • Or if you like more of a challenge then we can go for a fun MTB tour where we will bike on single tracks made by the sheep and explore many hotsprings and beautiful geothermal and volcanic landscape on our way. We have 3 different options with bike tours on this day. Easy/Medium/Hard
    • Or if you like to go for a hike, then we could hike up to the second highest peak of the area that will offer a great view over the National Park Lake, explosion craters and glaciers. We will also have options with different natural bathing spots on this day if you like (We know about 16 bathing spots on the whole area).
    • Or we could travel on the Super jeep and explore a 5.200 year old lava cave, where we will travel into the darkness of the cave with our lights shining the way. Inside the cave we will witness beautiful lava formations and perhaps run into the trolls that are believed to live in the cave.
    Then on the evening we will come back to the camping spot where we will have another earth cooked dinner, cooked in a hotspring. We can also see if we can catch our own fish in a remote explosion crater nearby over the day time that we can then cook on the evening. (There is a rumor about big fish from the old days in that crater, but so far I have only got small ones)

    Day 4 (approx. 15 - 20 km – full day)

    On this day we will start with an geothermal cooked breakfast and perhaps take a morning hot bath to warm up, could also have the breakfast in the bath. Then we will pack up the tents and leave them at the super jeep. This day will be more relaxed and will be full of  beautiful landscape with high views, explosion craters and a great variety of  hotprings as we bike on fun single tracks down the famous Reykjadalur “Smokey valley“ which is known for beautiful and rough nature, where you will feel the adrenalin rushing through your veins. In the middle of the ride you will have the option for a mid-ride soak in a warm geothermal river where you can relax and enjoy the mountain environment. We will end the day in Hveragerdi where we can jump into a cold river from 1-5 meters high cliff and then warm up in a hot water fall and relax before finishing the tour. 

     1-3 day Thorsmork Super jeep tour

    The tour can be set up as a Hiking tour, Hiking &MTB tour or just as MTB tour where we will have great options with single tracks. (suitable for advanced mountain bikers)

    Join us in a fun super jeep tour on the Southern lowlands of Iceland on modified jeep to Thorsmork (the forest of Thor) which is an incredibly beautiful mountain ridge situated between the glaciers Tindfjallajökull & the famous Eyjafjallajökull, which erupted in the year 2010, stopping all the flights in Europe.
    Þorsmork is known for its beauty, vibrantly colored valleys and abundance of huge surrounding mountains and glaciers that will for sure deliver an unforgettable experience.
    On our way into Thorsmork we drive over deep and powerful glacier rivers and over challenging and rough terrain, testing the capability of the jeep. We will stop and explore beautiful canyons with a hidden waterfall in the end, we will take a look at Gígjökull glacier that almost all disappeared in the 2010 eruption and you will be able to see and witness the power of the eruption.
    In Þórsmörk we will set up our tents and either relax or start exploring, you will be able to choose the difficulty level of the hike and bike tour each day. As Þórsmörk offers good selecttion of hiking and biking options, we can go for an easy and relaxing tour exploring the lower parts of the area, we can go for a moderate difficult tour where we will go higher up in the mountains where we will see magnificent view and landscape or we can go for the most challenging option where we will hike or bike up to Fimmvörðuháls where you will meet the lava that ran in the year 2010, in the famous Eyjafjallajökull eruption. 
    We start each day with a good breakfast and then will end each day by barbequing together in Thorsmork (Basum),
    Note, It is easy to control the difficulty level for the hikers but this tour but we recommet this tour for experienced mountain bikers, we will have to carry the bikes allot.and then bike down steep hills.

    We also offer allot more options with overnight tours, Contact us and we will send you an itinerary with a unique trip in Iceland
  • The winter is a great time to visit Iceland, If you are looking for a customized multiday tour or an overnight tour where we stay in a cabin or camp and use snow shoes, skiis or super jeep to get between places, bath in hotsprings and cook food in the ground (hotspring) then we would love to help you arrange that kind of tour.

    We can also arange multiday tours for you where we have the plan to excape the cold weather after a full day of adventure and stay at warm hotels or guesthouse for the night 

    Note, The winter in Iceland can be quite cold and stormy and we would always have a plan B

    Contact us and we will send you a idea of an itinerary you can do with us in Iceland.

  • Whether you want one day of activity or several days we would be happy to help you find a good and conveniently located accommodation if you don´t have one booked already. We can point out or book for you hotels, guesthouses, apartments or private cabins with hot tube located in the country site. If we are doing an overnight tour then we can include a mountain cabin or unique camping locations as we travel through the highlands of Iceland.

    Accommodation, staying in Reykjavík or in the country site? We are located in a small town, called Hveragerdi, 40 minute drive East from Reykjavík. You can stay the whole time in Reykjavík and we can pick you up there every morning and drive you back each evening and you will have good selection of restaurants close to your hotel. If you stay in our town, Hveragerd, or close to our town then you will save yourself around 1,5 hours of sitting in a car each day as we will be located closer to most of the activities and locations we offer. We usually recommend to stay the first or last 1 or 2 nights in Reykjavík so you can explore the city and then stay in Hveragerdi or close to our town more into the south coast the next nights to minimum driving time.

    Camping, Let us know if you are interested in camping and enjoying the Icelandic summer night which can be amazing experience and we will be able to choose the spot we camp on depending on the weather and will have a plan B with indoor place to stay if the weather is not ideal. It is good to know if you like to mix the trip up staying some nights in a tent and some night in a warm accommodation. We also have the option of staying in trailer on some location.

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