3in1 - Superjeep, Lava caving & Hotspring bathing

  • High value tour, where we have combined 3 of our most popular things we offer into one full day! Super jeep, lava caving and bathing in a natural hotspring up in the mountain.

    • Travel on a modified super jeep over challenging landscape.
    • Explore the hidden world in and under a 5000 years old lava field
    • Take a relaxing bath in a 40°C hot (104F) hotspring and enjoy the moment
    • Witness gurgling hotsprings in untouched nature
    • Enjoy a steam cooked tomato soup and egg in a natural hotspring and taste a geothermal bread that has been baked in a hot spring for 24 hours

    Extra - You can add a geothermal dinner or lunch to the tour if you like? then we will cook our food in a hotspring next to our bathing spot while we bath & relax. After the bath we will have dinner under the open sky. You can choose from a leg of lamb, salmon or vegetarian dish. - Cost 4.000 ISK extra per person.

  • Operated:                                                                                                       Every day depending on orders from October 1st to May 1st 


    31.900 ISK per person, 40% discount for children (1-18 years old) traveling with 2 adults.
    Includes: Lunch, crampons, helmets, lights and a local guide
    Duration of trip:  8-9hours. 
    Hiking distance: 3 -6 km (2 -4 miles)
    What to bring with you: Back pack, swimsuit, towel, hiking shoes, good socks, winter jacked and pants, warm hat, ski gloves, warm layers & good to bring rain jacked & pants
    Price for pick up in Reykjavík:  3.000 ISK per adult & 1.800 ISK per child   (traveling with 2 adults)
    Small groups:     2-6 persons in a open tour. We also guide bigger groups if they order together, if the group is bigger than 4 persons then the tour is automatically a private tour

    Difficulty level: 

    2 out of 5

    Let us knof if you would like to add an earth cooked dinner or upgraded lunch cooked in a hotspring in the tour. You can choose from a leg of lamb, salmon or vegetarian dish for 4.000 ISK extra per person

    Make the day a Private for a better experience, we offer free Pick up with our 3in1 private tours.

    • 1-4 persons (adults/children) 127.600 ISK total price for the group
    • 5 persons or more: 31.900 ISK per person



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