Exclusive Golden Circle

  • This is one of the better version of the Golden circle that is offered in Iceland, We will start the tour by showing you Hveragerdi the capital of hotsprings, the town is positioned on an active volcanic zone and earthquakes are frequent thanks to the tectonic movements that rumble below.
    Our local guide will tell you the story of the town and show you hotsprings that bursted through the ground in the last earthquake that happened on May 29th 2008, with a magnitude of 6,2 on the richter scale.
    We will also show you how we can use the heat from the ground, by cooking an egg in a boiling hotspring and eat bread that has been baked in the ground for 24 hours. After Hveragerdi and a nice refreshment we will visit Geysir and witness Strokkur bursting the boiling hot water high up in the air.
    From Geysir we will work our way to Gullfoss (Golden waterfall) where we will explore this magnificent waterfall, standing on the edge of the waterfall and feel the power of the glacial water and perhaps the mist on your face.
    There after we will visit Thingvellir our national park where the oldest parliament in the world is, the guide will hike with you through the area and point out some interesting stories from the area and his ancestors, the vikings.
    This tour offers a great scenery for photographing.
    We will supply you with a lunch in the tour, if you like a hot soup then we will stop at Gullfoss café where you can order a hot Icelandic traditional lamb soup, one of Icelanders favorite dishes. (The soup is not included in the price)
    We always need 4 persons to operate the tour, contact us and see if we have available on days that work for you :)  
    Difficulty level 1 out of 5

    Let us know if you would like to add more things into the tour;
    A visti into a lava cave - 8.000 ISK extra per person
    A relaxing natural hotspring bath - 8.000 ISK extra per person, little bit of a hike.
    A relaxing bath at the Secret lagoon (not a secret any more) - 2.800 ISK extra per person (free for Children under 14 years old traveling with 2 adults)


  • Operated:                                                                                                       Every day depending on orders all year around


    21.900 ISK per person, 40% discount for children (1-18 years old) traveling with 2 adults.
    Includes: Lunch, crampons and a local guide
    Duration of trip:  7-8 hours. 
    Hiking distance: 1 -4 km (1 -3 miles)
    What to bring with you: Rain jacket & pants, hat and gloves & warm layers.
    Price for pick up in Reykjavík:  Pick up included
    Small groups:     2-8 persons in a open tour. We also guide bigger groups if they order together, if the group is bigger than 4 persons then the tour is automatically a private tour

    Difficulty level: 

    1 out of 5 

    Note, We always need 4 persons to operate the tour, contact us and see if we have available on days that work for you :)  But if you are 4 adults or more then the tour is automaticly a private tour

    Make the day a Private for a better experience

    • 1-4 persons (adults/children) 87.600 ISK total price for the group
    • 4 persons or more: 21.900 ISK per person



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