Lava caving & earth cooking

  • In this tour we will explore with you one of many caves that the south part of Iceland has to offer. We will share with you and explore the geological history of the caves as we travel into the darkness with our lights shining the way. You will witness spectacular lava formations as we work our way into the cave. In the end of the cave we will stop for lunch and offer you a chance to taste some of the old Icelandic traditional food as well as telling you few stories about the trolls that are believed to use the caves as their habitats.

    After the lava cave we will travel to Hveragerdi, where we will go for an easy hike and explore hotsprings that came to life in a big earthquake in the year 2008. We will share with you our local knowledge and show you how we cook food in the ground/hotspring from the source of the volcano. We will cook hotspring cooked soup and eggs in the hotspring and taste a geothermal cooked bread

    Difficulty level 2 out of 5

    Extra - You can upgrade the earthcooking into a 3 course geothermal dinner if you like? then we will cook our food in a hotspring while we bath & relax at the local geothermal heated swimming pool in Hveragerdi. After the hot bath we will have dinner under the open sky. You can choose from a leg of lamb, salmon or vegetarian dish for a main course for 4.000 ISK extra per person.

  • Operated:                                                                                                       Every day depending on orders from October 1st to May 1st 


    24.900 ISK per person, 40% discount for children (1-18 years old) traveling with 2 adults.
    Includes: Lunch, crampons, helmets, lights and a local guide
    Duration of trip:  5-6 hours. 
    Hiking distance: 2 - 4 km (1 -3 miles)
    What to bring with you: Back pack, hiking shoes, good socks, winter jacked and pants, warm hat, ski gloves, warm layers & good to bring rain jacked & pants
    Price for pick up in Reykjavík:  3.000 ISK per adult & 1.800 ISK per child   (traveling with 2 adults)
    Small groups:     2-6 persons in a open tour. We also guide bigger groups if they order together, if the group is bigger than 4 persons then the tour is automatically a private tour

    Difficulty level: 

    2 out of 5


    Let us know if you would like to upgrade the earthcooking to a full dinner and bath in the local swimming pool while we wait for our food to cook. 4.000 ISK extra per person

    Make the day a Private for a better experience

    • 1-4 persons (adults/children) 71.600 ISK total price for the group
    • 5 persons or more: 17.900 ISK per person



Iceland Activies

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