Volcano Overnight Tour

  • Explore the second biggest volcanic area of Iceland with local guides, camping on a remote location with your own natural bathing spot next to your tent and use the geothermal power to cook dinner. This is the true Icelandic experience.

    Day 1
    The tour starts in the afternoon by preparing at our office and making sure we have everything we need for the next 24 hours. Then we will load the super jeep and drive up to the mountain where we will be crossing several rivers and testing the jeeps in challenging landscape until we reach one of our remote camping spots, where we will set up our tents and enjoy the ultimate summer night. In the evening you will have the option to bath in a secret bathing spot next to your tent and while we bath we will cook a complete earth cooked dinner in the Hotsprings.
    Day 2
    We will start with a good hotspring cooked breakfast before starting a great hike. We have quite a good variety of hikes we can do on the second day depending on how you are feeling and how challenging hike you are looking for. We can hike up to high peaks with a great view, explosion craters or take an easier hike with loads of hot springs and several bathing options. We know enough tracks to hike with you on that area for more than 6 days around our camping spot, mostly on tracks that are less known. Then on the second part of the day we will pack up the tents and load the jeep and drive to our office in Hveragerdi
    This tour is both available as a Bike tour, Hike tour or a fun mix of both.


    • A full day hike and exploring on the first day
    • Another night, it is easy to stay more nights at our private resource if you like, then we will go for fun hikes each day and then spend the evenings taking a relaxing baths, enjoying the sundown and tasting different kind of Hotspring cooked dinner each night. Let us know

    Difficulty level 2 out of 5

  • Operated:                                                                                                       Every day depending on orders from May 1st to October 1st 


    60.000 ISK per person, 40% discount for children (1-18 years old) traveling with 2 adults.
    Includes: All camping equipment needed, transfer, dinner, breakfast, lunch and a local guide.
    Duration of trip:  24 hours. 
    Hiking distance: From 4km to 20 km / 2-12 miles
    What to bring with you: Swimsuit, towel, back pack, waterproof hiking shoes, rain jacked & pants & warm layers to hike in and extra socks and warm layers to sleep in. 
    Price for pick up in Reykjavík:  Free pick up in Reykjavík
    Small groups:     2-6 persons in a open tour. We also guide bigger groups if they order together, if the group is bigger than 3 persons then the tour is automatically a private tour

    Difficulty level: 

    2 out of 5 

    Make the day a Private for a better experience 

    • 1-3 persons (adults/children) 180.000 ISK total price for the group
    • 4 persons or more: 60.000 ISK per person



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