Winter mountain bath hike

  • Bathing in a hot river in the winter time is an unique and memorable experience.

    This is a great tour for those who wants to experience allot of geothermal hotsprings up close. The tour includes a short hike (1-3 km) where you will hike through a new hotspring area that was formed in a big earthquake in the year 2008. The local guide will share with you the history of the land, how the hotsprings are have been forming and changing over the years and how the locals have been using the heat from the ground for the past 100 years. You will get a chance to boil an egg in one of the hotsprings.

    The winter weather in Iceland can be quite stormy and with allot of snow in the mountains. This tour is easy to operate in all weathers and there is no age limit :) The main goal for this tour is to bath and relax in natural hot spring ideally 40°C /104 F.

    We are proud to be the only company in Iceland offering true local guides on the Hengill volcanic area. Guides who grew up from a young age bathing in Reykjadalur valley.

    Note, the photos shown with this tour are from several spots we bath in, we will choose the easiest option depending on weather and snow.

    Difficulty level 2 out of 5

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  • Operated:                                                                                                       Every day depending on orders from October 1st to May 1st 


    17.900 ISK per person, 40% discount for children (1-18 years old) traveling with 2 adults.
    Includes: Lunch, crampons and a local guide
    Duration of trip:  4-5 hours. 
    Hiking distance: 1 - 3 km (1-2 miles)
    What to bring with you: Swimsuit, towel, back pack, ski jacket/pants, rain jacked/pants & warm layers
    Price for pick up in Reykjavík:  3.000 ISK per adult & 1.800 ISK per child  
    (traveling with 2 adults)
    Pick up is free in Hveragerdi and nearest surroundings
    Small groups:     2-6 persons in a open tour. We also guide bigger groups if they order together, if the group is bigger than 4 persons then the tour is automatically a private tour

    Difficulty level: 

    2 out of 5

    Make the day a Private for a better experience

    • 1-4 persons (adults/children) 67.600 ISK total price for the group
    • 5 persons or more: 16.900 ISK per person

     Equipment, if you don´t think you have warm enough clothes, let us know and we will most likely be able to lend you the right clothes.


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