North Atlantic Adventure

North Atlantic adventure, surf on Icelands south coast, a 10 km long strip with great waves and black sandy beaches, a fantastic chilling experience, battle the waves and watch the curious seals swim by.
We offer beginners and more experienced surfers a chance to surf on Icelandic coast, by teaching and providing equipment. 
Price:   19.900 kr. per person
Around 6 hours surf day with a teacher
Includes: Lunch and all equipment & free transfer to the beach.                                          
Price for pick up in Reykjavík  2.000 ISK per adult & 1.200 ISK per child         

Make the day a Private for a better experience

  • 1-4 persons (adults/children) 79.600 ISK total price for the group
  • 5 persons or more: 19.900 ISK per person
-We take photos and video of you in the water. You can bring your own hard drive for the photos / videos or buy one from us